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Period panties for teens: 5 reasons to get them!

The arrival of the first period is often experienced as a complicated time for teenage girls.

In France, 2 out of 3 girls see it as the beginning of a lifetime of stress and 85% of them would simply prefer not to have them if they had the choice 😔

Welcome to all parents of teens who are looking for solutions to help their daughters feel safe and confident during their period

If your daughter's first period can be a stressful time, don't worry about it. At TEENFLO, we have a healthy, effective and long-lasting solution for you: period panties or menstrual panties.

QUESAKO 🤔 Don't know what they are? Don't panic, we'll explain everything!

The menstrual panties, it is a washable and reusable period protection. It is made from absorbent and waterproof technical fabrics that allow to retain the menstrual flow.

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Here are 5 reasons to choose the menstrual panties:

1/ An easy-to-use solution

Between school and extracurricular activities, our teenagers have very busy days. It's hard to juggle with your sanitary protection, especially when the restrooms are not or not easily accessible...

That's where the menstrual panty comes into play because it can be worn for several hours without risk of leakage. At TEENFLO, we have opted for an ultra-absorbent technical fabric that guarantees up to 12 hours of protection. Your daughter can wear it with confidence throughout the day.

Period panties can also be machine washed, making them easy to care for.💦

2/ Comfort above all

The menstrual panties are put on like a classic panty. No wings to stick or complicated tampon to insert 😅 It's a soft and comfortable protection to wear.

Our period panties have an absorbent veil made of organic cotton and protein fiber. Soft as silk and naturally antibacterial (AATCC 100-2004 standard). It limits the risk of irritation due to friction and offers optimal comfort during menstruation.

With only 3 mm thickness, our panties are often more discreet than sanitary napkins and can be worn with any type of clothing. Ideal for many teenagers who may feel embarrassed by conventional pads.

3/ Menstrual health first

Glyphosate residues, phthalates, halogenated compounds, dioxins... Chemical components are creeping into our menstrual protection. Beyond the irritations, intolerances and allergies they can cause, some of these substances are known to be endocrine disruptors.

⚠️ Menstrual pants can be a healthier alternative to disposable pads if the fabrics used in it are free of harmful chemicals. At TEENFLO, we have selected suppliers who guarantee the absence of perfluorinated compounds, toxic solvents and biocides in the fabrics that make up the panties.

By preventing moisture from accumulating and allowing air to circulate freely, the different textile layers can also help prevent vaginal infections.

Finally, the French National Food and Safety Agency indicates that to date, external intimate protection such as menstrual panties have never been implicated in menstrual toxic shock syndrome.

4/ Leakproof & reliable

Menstrual panties are very effective in preventing leakage during menstruation and avoiding embarrassing stains on clothing. No more pads that move around in your panties!

At TEENFLO, we opted for an ultra-efficient textile core that can absorb up to 10 times its weight in less than 2 seconds and retain moisture 20 times faster than conventional fabrics. When it comes to the waterproof membrane, it retains menstrual flow and prevents leaks.

To go further, we have developed a gusset a little wider than average at the crotch. With great coverage on the front and back of the panty, it allows girls to feel more comfortable and confident during this period.

5/ Zero waste: a sustainable solution for the environment

Conventional sanitary protections are mostly made of plastic and generate hundreds of thousands of tons of waste per year, the vast majority of which will not be incinerated and will take 500 to 800 years to degrade in our soils... Scary, right? 😱

So even if your teen is growing fast and changing sizes every year, that's about 290 disposable pads you'll avoid throwing away each year by opting for menstrual panties. No noticeable impact on the wallet. It is estimated that on average the purchase of a menstrual panties is profitable after 4 months of use, that is to say 3 panties per year or 6 every 2 years.

At teenflo. we are convinced that menstrual pants are still the best protection for teenagers.

If you're thinking of buying one for your daughter, make sure you choose one based on her needs and menstrual flow. With the right menstrual panties, your teen can experience her first period with peace of mind and confidence 🫶


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[ This article is for informational purposes only, even if and regardless of whether it features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. ]

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