Sport et menstruations à l'adolescence : mythes et réalités

Sport and menstruation in adolescence: myths and realities

Sport and menstruation: a sometimes complicated cohabitation.

1 out of 2 young girls give up sport in adolescence because of their periods. ☹️ This is the sad figure that emerges from a survey carried out in 2022 among a thousand young girls in Europe, the United States and New Zealand.

Among young women who say they feel apprehensive when practicing a sport, the main reason mentioned remains the fear of a trace of blood 🩸 on clothes. The question of performance comes second. Finally, almost a third of them are also afraid of being in pain.

Many preconceived ideas still circulate about sports practice during menstruation. Some are wrong while others contain some truth. We invite you to unravel the TRUE from the FALSE. 🤓

Myth 1: You can't exercise during your period


Menstruation absolutely does not imply changing one's usual activities . It is not obligatory to interrupt one's sports practice during this period. Sport is not only possible, but it can even be beneficial because it stimulates and improves blood circulation in the pelvic area and thus relaxes the uterine muscles.

The practice of regular physical activity can thus help to reduce menstrual pain. According to a global study conducted by Strava , 78% of women say that exercise reduces symptoms related to their menstrual cycle thanks to moderate activity and a healthy lifestyle. 👌

Myth 2: Sports performance is diminished during menstruation


It is true that some teenage girls may experience a drop in energy🪫 due to hormonal fluctuations and blood loss, but this varies greatly from person to person. Some young girls see no change in their athletic performance. In fact, there is no contraindication to the practice of sport during menstruation, or at any other time of the menstrual cycle.

With regard to the performance of sportswomen, the negative impact of menstruation has not been demonstrated . It is true, however, that few scientific studies have focused on the specificities of women in the field of sports sciences.

On the other hand, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), when it becomes disabling (pain, nausea, headaches), can lead young girls to cancel training. For these teens, it is strongly recommended to practice gentle, low-impact sports such as pilates and yoga, the effects of which are proving beneficial.🧘

In conclusion : it remains difficult to take into account the menstrual cycle in a generic way because there are very great variations from one young woman to another.

Two researchers at the National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance (INSEP) have developed the Empow'her project ( Exploring menstrual periods of women athletes to escalate ranking ) whose objective is to study the the impact of periods and different menstrual cycles on the performance of sportswomen , in order to optimize them. We can't wait to see the results! 🙌

Menstrual panties for teens: a solution adapted to sports

For our young athletes, the onset of menstruation can be synonymous with discomfort and worry. 3 out of 5 teenage girls miss their workout for fear of leaking or revealing their period . Fortunately, innovative solutions like period panties for teens are there to make their lives easier.

Myth 3: Conventional pads are the only option for young girls


According to a recent Australian study , younger generations are showing themselves to be more and more concerned about the environment 🌱 and this is reflected in the products they use on a daily basis. The girls interviewed expressed a strong interest in more durable and comfortable alternatives to disposable tampons and pads.

This is where teen period panties 🩲 come into play. These panties specially designed to absorb menstrual flow offer our girls the comfort and freedom they need to practice their favorite sport without interruption.

At TEENFLO , our briefs are designed to provide up to 12 hours of protection without the hassle of changing tampons or pads during school or sports practice. Want to know more about our ultra-absorbent technical gusset, take a look here !

Myth 4: Period panties for teens are uncomfortable


One in two young women say they are bothered by disposable menstrual products such as pads and tampons when playing sports or exercising.

With their absorbent technology, period panties are designed to be both discreet and comfortable. They are also very popular for their practical side: once worn, you just have to wash them to reuse them, which makes them an ecological and economical solution.

According to a survey conducted in New Zealand in 2021, reusable period underwear is the most likely durable period product to be used or tried by young girls.

There are many styles of period panties, offering varying levels of absorbency to suit all types of flow. It is therefore possible to find the panties that best suit each teenager, depending on their sporting activity, their menstrual flow and their personal comfort. 🤾‍♀️🤸‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️

At TEENFLO , we make it our mission to make sports practice during menstruation more comfortable and better protected than ever. To discover our panties, click here !

Encourage our girls

Let's not forget that our daughters are counting on us to guide them through these new experiences. It's important to remind them that menstruation is a natural process and they don't have to stop exercising because of it. Period panties for teens are a great tool to help them navigate this new chapter in their lives with confidence and confidence.

In conclusion, let's continue to deconstruct the myths around menstruation and sport. Let's remind them that their bodies are amazing and that they can do whatever they want, whether they are on their period or not.


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